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Something’s Coming

PR Team
Creative Director, Katie Blyth, PR and Marketing Committee Chair, Dawn Wittfelt, and Social Media Chair (I dunno if that’s the correct title but she sure knows a lot about it, Erika Franz, plotting the destruction of District 7620.

Could it be? Yes, it could. 
Something’s coming, something good, 
If I can wait! 
Something’s coming, I don’t know what it is, 
But it is 
Gonna be great! 

                                         Tony, West Side Story

When it comes to District 7620, I can’t help thinking of the iconic lyrics to the song, “Something’s Coming,”  from the Broadway show and movie, West Side Story.  The show (1957) and movie (1961) feature musics by Leonard Bernstein and lyrics by the (then) young brilliant lyricist, Stephen Sondheim.  Why not take a couple of minutes and listen in.  Sorry Glee fans, this clip takes you to Richard Beymer’s performance in the movie.  The song was originally performed by Larry Kert as Tony on Broadway with Carol Lawrence as the original Maria.  (Beymer was dubbed?…say it ain’t so.)

One of things that is definitely coming is an amazing new District-wide marketing and PR team that is determined to help us become a model for state-of-the-art communications.  That includes social media, traditional media, blogs, websites, newsletters, and anything else that can help District Rotarians plug in to the very best of what is going on in Rotary here in Maryland.  Under the direction of Chair, Dawn Wittfelt, the committee met last Saturday to puzzle through how to “sell” (I know, I know …..I’m not supposed to use that nasty word) District Rotarians that this year’s District Conference is going to be a blast.  Fun, informative, interesting, fun, educational, an opportunity to network, fun, and fun.

The tools used by modern marketeers to drive a message nowadays are many.  If I understand our social media coordinator, Erika Franz, correctly, the District is going to create a new blog as the hub of our communications for the Conference.  We will “push” information and “pull” our audience to the blog through Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, training of club presidents, the District Leadership Team, and anything and everyone needed to get our members going with these fantastic networking tools.  I can personally attest that video will be one of the primary drivers of our message as I was kidnapped after the meeting by Erika and Creative Director, Katie Blythe, to video a thirty-second promo for the conference.  You ask, what expensive video camera was used?  A smartphone…of course.  Look for more news about Conference videos in the future.

And, if members aren’t yet wired into the wonderful world of social media, the committee will make sure that all kinds of traditional media are used to get the message out.  In short, the key idea seems to be that we can drive our content through a variety of different channels to meet the needs of our audience.  (This all sounds vaguely professional to me, but that’s just me and I’ve obviously drunk the Rotary Kool Aid.)

If you have an interest in marketing and/or a point of view about how Rotary’s message should/could be delivered to our members, contact PR and Marketing Chair, Dawn Wittfelt, at  Be warned, Dawn is still actively recruiting committee members who want to make a huge difference in District 7620.