Dare to Dream’s Wild Premiere in Evanston

Don’t you love movie premieres? The press, the excitement, the stars, the red carpet, the fashion, and of course, the fans. We had it all last Friday at the premiere in Evanston of the new documentary, Dare to Dream, How Rotary Became the Heart and Soul of Polio Eradication. Here is a quick shot of the limos lined up outside of One Rotary Center as the excitement was building.

The feeling in the theater last Friday was electric. We showed the movie and then Carol Pandak, Rotary’s High Priestess of Polio eradication, hosted a panel discussion with Sarah Gibbard Cook, author of the book, Rotary and the Gift of a Polio Free World, and Mike McGovern, Chair of Rotary’s International Polio Plus Committee,and your’s truly, to discuss the movie and update the audience on the latest polio eradication news. Afterwards we got some great video of lucky audience members who attended the show.

Here’s Mark Gibson DGE District 6440:

Not to be outdone, here is Suzanne Gibson:

And finally, here is Diane Teska:

There is an old saying in Rotary, “what goes on in the after party stays in the after party.” But here’s a photo to give you some idea of the chaos that ensued at the party beginning at or around 4PM at Rotary’s home offices last Friday. I was told this behavior wasn’t unusual for the staff on a Friday afternoon but I must admit to being just a little intimidated.

If you are at all interested in learning more about the best movie about Rotary history you’ve ever seen, then go to Daretodreamfilm.com and check it out. You can see the 3-minute trailer, download the 16-minute excerpt of the movie that you can use as a free club program, or you can buy the film for $25 and make a $18.75 contribution to Polio Plus when you make your purchase. There is a lot of excitement building about this film….it’s time for you to check it out.

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