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District 7630 is in the state of Delaware and the Eastern Shore.  I’m no expert about Delaware, but I do know a few things.  For example, I know I get mad paying Delaware tolls on the drive from Maryland to South Jersey.  I know (I looked it up) that the state takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia’s first colonial governor.  I know that half the  people I know either own a home, or want to own a home, along the Delaware beach on the Eastern Shore.  I know that if you visit Rehobeth you had better like Grotto’s Pizza because there is one on every corner, and I know the state is full of GREAT Rotarians.  Last Saturday I was invited by DG Dan Houghaling to be speaker at the 7630 District Conference.  It was my job to get the Conference kicked off on Saturday morning so I thought I would play some of the video clips I’ve been sharing with my RFA readers.  I tried to make a few points about Rotary Leadership and at the same time get a few laughs.  I’m pleased to report that no one threw rotten fruit at me during my talk and I think that, all in all, I earned my keep.

Since I can no longer help myself, here’s a 58 second clip on leadership that I didn’t share at the Conference, but it cracks me up every time I look at it so I thought I would share.  (Forgive me but I’ve lost all control amusing myself with these video clips.)

Yup…Madagascar.  Teachable Moment:  If you have stand up and tell people that you are the leader, then somewhere along the line you screwed up.

It occurs to me that many Rotarians don’t really understand the size of the organization that they belong to.  I don’t just mean 1.2 million Rotarians internationally.  I mean that there are more than 500 Rotary Districts around the world organized into 34 Zones.  For those of us in District 7620 we have three Districts in our immediate area, 7630 in Delaware, 7610 in Northern Virginia, and 7600 which goes all the way south to Norfolk.   District 7630 encompasses most of the state of Delaware and has more than 1,500 Rotarians as members.  At the conference I saw a “family tree” of 7630 clubs where the grandaddy of them all was the Wilmington, Delaware club.  The club was chartered in 1915 and was the 148th club in Rotary International.  The chart showed how many/most of the clubs in District 7630 could trace their roots to this one club.  How very cool.

So thank you to all of the Rotarians who were so kind to me at the District 7630 Conference, and who laughed at my jokes…which makes them, to my mind, the very best Rotarians around.  My classmate, DGN Rob Hemmen, DGE Jen Reider, and of course, DG Dan, couldn’t have been better hosts for my brief visit.  Our District Conference for 7620 is right around the corner, and I’m looking forward to being entertained.  It’s gonna be a hoot.

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  1. Hi Ken, Great post. You did an excellent job and I am confident that you will be a great Governor to lead your district. I love the approach with the movie clips to tell the leadership story. Thanks for being my Rotary Friend.

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