Hey…You Can Get a Deal on Another Rotary Acronym…RLI

Oh no!  Not another Rotary acronym.  Yes indeed…but try not to get too depressed. (sigh)   There’s value in this madness.

But before I get to it, let me ask you a question.  Do you think if your newest members knew a lot more about Rotary they would be more likely to become enthusiastic and productive members in your club?  Let’s face it.  There is too much to know about Rotary.  Even the old-timers in Rotary get lost with all of the different programs offered by Rotary International and the Rotary Foundation.  And so do I…and I’m on the District Leadership Team.  The Rotary Foundation, the Council of Legislation, SHARE, EREY, Youth Exchange, RYLA, Future Visions, New Generations, and on and on.  What must it be like for our newest members who are probably just trying to figure out what’s the best table to sit at during club meetings.   Don’t you think that if your club members knew more about who we are and what we do that we would have stronger Rotary clubs, better membership retention, and ultimately do more good in the world?

That’s where this new acronym comes in handy.  RLI – better known as Rotary Leadership Institute – is a school for Rotarians to learn more about Rotary.  You take three all-day classes taught by highly qualified instructors and by the end of the curriculum you will know a heck of a lot more about Rotary than you do now.  I’ve taken two of the three courses and I can tell you that there is a ton of great information to be gained by making a small investment of your time.  If you are a new Rotary member, or if you are a club leader, or if you just want to learn more about our fantastic organization, you really need to check out these classes.

The current cost for Part 1 of RLI is $90.  But have I got a deal for you!  Right now District 7620 is offering a series of three mini RLI seminars for the Winter and Spring.  These sessions are Level 1 sessions which is perfect for new members.  If any one club has 4 attendees the District will pick up the cost of one of them and RLI will pick up the cost of another.  That’s a “four for the cost of two” bargain for the first four clubs that sign up for each of the three proposed seminars.  Registration is available online at http://rlinews.blogspot.com/p/events-calendar-registration.html.

So…to review.  RLI stands for Rotary Leadership Institute.  Another Rotary acronym worth knowing.

RLI faculty
From L-R, PDG 7630/faculty Roger Harrell, George Tyson faculty District 7610, Towson Club President, Stelan Ileanu, DG 7630/faculty Dan Haughtaling, DGE 7620 Bill Fine, Marie Calafuira, Unknown, PDG/faculty 7610 Steve Cook, AG 7620/faculty Mark Milby, DGE 7630/faculty Jen Reider at Wye River RLI



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  1. Ken, Great post about RLI. I will get you the name of the unknown Rotarian if you want. Keep up the great work that you are doing to promote Rotary.

    Your Rotary Friend,’

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