Rotary Training – New Ideas Just Ahead


Sean McAlister, Mary Nagle, and your’s truly, struggling through a tough meeting.

If there is one area of District Leadership that’s closest to my heart, it would have to be being a Trainer.  I was first asked to do PETS training (President-Elect Training Seminars) all the way back in 2003-2004 by then District Governor, Jim McDiarmid.  Since that time I’ve been involved in developing the PETS curriculum and in actually doing the training sessions.  I’ve had the pleasure of working, in most years, with Pat Kasuda, Andy Baum, and the current training chair, Paul Frey (all of whom are past District Governors, and one of which (Frey) is one of my graduates!)    Over the years we’ve taught leadership, Rotary knowledge, the Foundation, Membership, how to have club meetings, and lots of other cool stuff to President-Elects preparing them for their Rotary year as club president.

However, like many areas of Rotary I’ve been writing about, it’s time to move forward.  In this case the ideas, energy, professionalism, and enthusiasm, will be brought to us next year by our new Training Co-Chairs, Mary Nagle, Past President of the Carroll Creek Club, and Sean McAlister, past President of the Capitol Hill Club and former Area Governor.  Turns out that Mary and Sean are both professional educators, as I found out in a recent meeting in Bethesda.  (Yes…food and progress go together once again in Rotary.)  Sean and Mary REALLY know what they are talking about, or at least I hope so, because I didn’t understand half of what they were saying.

Here is what I do know.  Whatever it was they were talking about, they sure were excited about it.  Look for training to utilize more technology, to better meet the needs of small and large clubs, to be better integrated with RI Training, and to provide more opportunities for non-President Elects to learn about Rotary.  Training is the key to Rotary clubs doing a better of job of “do gooding,” and that, in turn, is going to help us all to make the world a better place.  Stay tuned…..more good stuff is coming.

And, oh by the way, to my fellow trainers, PDG and current Training Chair Paul Frey, PDG and Grants Chair, Andy Baum, and Council on Legislation representative and Zone Membership representative, PDG Pat Kasuda….the entire District thanks you for all the club Presidents you have trained over the years.  Not to mention…you guys were pretty good District Governors, too.