Dawn Wittfelt is named PR Committee Chair


DG Peter Kyle, PP Dawn Wittfelt, and DGE Bill Fine

Yes, it seems to be true that the best ideas for making the world a better place happen when Rotarians get together to eat.  That this is true may be unfortunate considering some of our waistlines, but there you go.  This week DG Peter Kyle, DGE Bill Fine, yours truly, and our newly appointed Marketing and PR Committee Chair, Dawn Wittfelt, met at Ruby Tuesday’s where Kyle and Solow ordered the ribs.  If you haven’t had the ribs at Ruby Tuesday’s you really should because they are second only to The Corner Stable for having the best ribs in the county.  But I digress.

Dawn presented the Team with her ambitious plans for getting the Marketing and PR committee up and running.  I wish you could have seen the faces of the three old Rotary dinosaurs seated at the table (those would be Kyle, Solow, and Fine) while Dawn proceeded to explain how we could revamp our entire marketing and PR strategy in a matter of months.  It is VERY GOOD to have new energy and ideas infused into our District!  Under Dawn’s direction we will soon have a professionally organized marketing and PR effort with subcommittees that include graphic design and video, traditional media, social media, training, website, newsletter, and more.  In short, we are about to have one of Rotary’s first District-wide  communication plans.  

Here’s a thought for your Rotary club: It took us only a few months to turn this from an idea into a spectacularly successful working committee.  We came up with the idea, had two marketing symposiums and recruited interested Rotarians, worked within our strategic plan, gave our Chair a clear vision of what we want to accomplish, gave her our best suggestions about how to go about doing things (over a meal…of course), and now let her loose to create as much positive havoc as possible.  Why not do the same in your club?

Remember….District 7620 does NOT have a good idea form for you to complete.  All you need is some imagination, some big ideas, energy, enthusiasm, a few Rotarians who want to make the world a better place…..and something to eat!