The New 7620 Engage! Foundation Newsletter


District 7620 Rotarians were treated to the first edition of the Engage! Rotary District 7620 Foundation Newsletter this week.  It was an interesting experience to see the letter being created and watch what happened when it was distributed to all.

The newsletter was created in a program called Mail Chimp which allows us to send the letter directly to a Rotarian’s inbox – which is good because you don’t have to click on a PDF attachment to see it, and bad because email gradually moves lower in your unopened mail until it kind of disappears from view.

Engage! was designed so that you could quickly get to the content with individual links to the articles.  You can quickly choose the content you want to read and be very efficient in how you get the information that interests you about Rotary Foundation news in our District.

Here is the current score.  We sent the letter to 2,306 recipients.  667 opened the letter, and only 3.5% actually clicked on the articles.  Wow!  It seems that we have a lot of work to do to convince our members that the content we send has some VALUE!  So stay tuned as we fine tune our content, rev up our marketing and PR committee, and get everyone fired up about what is going on in our Rotary District Foundation activities.

Oh…and if you are one of the 96.5% of District 7620 members who didn’t check out the first issue, you can find it on the District website at