New Ideas, New Energy, New Younger Members

Darrell Nevin, District Membership Chair, Bill Fine, DGE, and I had the privilege of meeting with Melanie Spring (Metro Bethesda) and Nick Champagne (Bel Air) to discuss techniques for recruiting younger members.  If your club is already alive and crackling with energy, enthusiasm, and spirit.  If it is growing too fast and has too many volunteers for your “hands on” projects, then there is no need to read further.  If, on the other hand, your club could use a little more of “all of the above” then you will want to know more about Melanie and Nick.

They are vitally interested in how Rotary can grow its younger members, loosely defined as Rotarians under 50.  Nick comes to the cause having been introduced to RIOTT, yes…another Rotary acronym which stands for Rotarians in our twenties and thirties. Melanie, who is new to Rotary,  looked around and wondered why Rotary, with everything it has to offer young people, isn’t more popular with the demographic she thinks is being ignored in our membership discussions, which is potential members age 30 -50.

Guess who called the meeting with District Leaders? THEY DID.  And they are determined to help clubs in the District connect with younger Rotary prospects.  You will be hearing a lot about their efforts in this space, and from Membership Chair, Nevin, who, by the way, is still coming down from the adrenaline rush he experienced at the meeting. For me, you might be able to tell from the name of my blog, Ready, Fire, Aim, that I love to watch young Rotarians get things done.  Stay tuned for more news from these two outstanding young “do-gooders.”  I suspect they are going to do great things in our District.

If you would like to join their crusade to recruit younger members, or just learn more about what they are up to, you can contact them at (Melanie) and (Nick)

Nick and Melanie at the famous Bob Evans in Columbia breakfast hangout.