PR and Marketing Symposium #2

Another Saturday spent with Rotarians eager to “Do Good in the World.”  In this case, it was the second meeting of the District 7620 PR and Marketing Symposium.  Today’s group of 14 professionals broke into small groups to discuss Graphic Design and Video, District Newsletters, Social Media, Traditional Media, Training, and Websites.  The bottom line of these discussions is that there is new technology available to help us spread the word about our good works, but it doesn’t mean a thing if 1) We can’t formulate a clear message about what we do and why we do it, and 2) Rotarians don’t know how to use the technology tools available to us in social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and a whole bunch of other names only understood by teenagers and PR professionals.

This group of intrepid PR and marketing pros offered many intriguing insights into how different constituencies in the District would benefit from a “state of the art” marketing and PR plan.  Those constituencies include the District communicating to club, clubs communicating to their local community, and the District communicating to community.  If you are at all interested in the subject I’m sorry you missed this meeting because the ideas flying around the room were informed and exciting.

Stay tuned for a lot more news about our District’s marketing and PR efforts.  Marketing and PR  is one of three major aspects to the District’s strategic plan…which you’ve read of course.  (and if not you can find it posted on the District website at  This is just another of the outstanding new initiatives being developed in the District that will help clubs let their communities know what we are doing to improve our community, and to help Rotary members better understand what is going on in District 7620.

By the way, the pictures below are a good example of what happens when you facilitate a meeting and forget to take pictures for  your blog. (sigh)


Post PI Meeting 2
Imagine this room full of interesting Rotarians discussing PR and Marketing. They are having a blast!
Post PI Meeting
DGE Bill Fine, DG Peter Kyle, and Membership Chair, Darrell Nevin, debriefing after the PR and Marketing meeting.