Don’t Look Now but District 7620 Membership is Exploding

Rotary membership in District 7620 is exploding…and it’s about time!  What in the world have we been waiting for?  I have long maintained that the group that seems to appreciate Rotary the LEAST are U.S. Rotarians who seem to be oblivious to the critically important role we currently play, and the even more critically important role we COULD play, in pursuing our goal of world peace through humanitarian service.  Our membership should be growing like wildfire, and maybe now it is.

I just came from inducting four new Rotarians into the Bel Air Rotary Club.  The club is passing 45 members on its way to their immediate goal of 50.  How they integrate these new members into the club will be critical to their success.  President Debi Williams will be looking into “fireside chats” and “red badge” ceremonies with interest.  But the Bel Air Club is just the tip of the iceberg.  Check out this recent email from 7620 Membership Chair, Darrell Nevin:

Guest spoke at Fredericktowne tonight.  They are all jazzed up to hit 50 by June 30.  They’re doing a fireside chat tomorrow morning!  I am guest speaker at Lake Shore tomorrow eve.  D7620 hit 128 new members today.  +31 according to my records.  Greenbelt nabbed their first in two years.  So did S. Harford Co.    Down to only 22 clubs without a new member of record since July 1.  Pikesville reported 3 new ones this week and are now “out of the yellow” (over 25 members finally!)  Danny Parker is planning an Open House in S. MD.  Fredericktowne wants to do one, too.  Mark Milby will help them plan it right.  His Sykesville club is working thru 6 posible newbies from their Open House late last month!  Fed City will charter in January.  Got +100 in our crosshairs, Peter!  Rock on!!!”

If you don’t know, the Peter he refers to is District Governor, Peter Kyle.  I dunno….I just can’t picture DG Peter “rocking on” but I can see him going crazy over a glass of port after dinner in celebration!

It is time to do a heck of a lot more good in the world.  The world could use it.  The way to do it is to increase the number of members who have “sipped the Kool Aid” and bring a new level of energy, enthusiasm, and innovative ideas to our Rotary Clubs.  Rock on District 7620 and congratulations to all the “Do-Gooders” in the Bel Air Club!!

Bel Air Inductees and Sponsors
From left: Tony Steelman, Debi Williams, Noreen Pfeiffer, Dave Joynt, Gary Stokes, John Stump, John Fink, Susan Burchett, and Yours Truly



2 thoughts on “Don’t Look Now but District 7620 Membership is Exploding

  1. I agree. “rocking” is not my style but if there was a glass (or two!) of port on offer after dinner I would “rock” with anyone!

    Great blog, Ken. Keep it up!


    1. For me port is a direction we take on the boat that is opposite of starboard. Could I interest you in an icy cold Coor’s Lite after dinner?

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