Build Your Club’s Sustainable Giving

In the past two weeks I’ve had the privilege of attending two of the District’s largest clubs, The Carroll Creek club (approx. 160 members), and the Frederick Club (approx. 190 members), and I am happy to report that both clubs are doing their part to promote civic awareness.  The program for my visit to the Carroll Creek club was a debate between the three Frederick City mayoral candidates.  The program for my visit to the Frederick club was a Q&A session with the winner of the previous day’s election,  Mayor Randy McClement.  It is somewhat disconcerting to know that I am now much more knowledgable about Frederick city issues than I am about civic issues at home here in Howard County!  I sat with Mayor McClement during lunch and if nothing else I can report he seems to be a really good guy.

For these “aircraft carrier” sized clubs, stepping up to the District’s $200 per member goal for the Annual Program Fund SHARE program goal requires big dollar contributions.  To make it the Frederick Club will need contributions of close to $40,000 each and every year…and more if membership continues to grow.  Club President, Michael Pugh says the club is up to the task, and Carroll Creek club president Fred Genau reports that they are focused on not only continuing to exceed that goal (which they have) but focusing on Paul Harris Society Members so that their giving is sustainable.

The SUSTAINABILITY of our giving is a huge issue for ALL clubs.  The best ideas for sustainable giving?  Consider these three ideas:

Build your Paul Harris Society.  Target 10% of your club members as a goal.  With each member pledged to give $1,000 per year you will build a solid base of contributions that is invaluable in hitting your annual giving goals.

Encourage members to do sign up On-Line at to make $18 per month TRF contributions per month billed to their credit card.  Again….if you build a large base of sustaining members giving at the $200 level it provides a “no stress” base-line for your annual giving.

Add TRF contributions to quarterly club dues invoices.  Members can choose to pay the extra $50 or not.  Be sure to sort out the tax deductibility issues of the payments.  Many clubs in 7620 are successful with this technique.

At all times, remember to emphasize WHY we give….which is to support one of the greatest philanthropies in the world!


Alderwoman Karen Young making her point at Carroll Creek club debate
Frederick Club members listen to newly reelected Mayor Randy McClement
Frederick Club members listen to newly reelected Mayor Randy McClement