Rotary Making a Difference at Howard Community College

I suspect that even Howard County Rotarians might not be aware of how much of an impact they are making at HCC.  While the individual clubs have been supporting scholarships at the college for years, this year a collaborative effort from all the Ho Co clubs has resulted in a five year, $75,000 commitment.  In recognition of the $75,000 pledge, HCC has named the Atrium at the new Health Sciences Bldg. on campus for Howard County Rotary.

As if that wasn’t enough, Rotary District 7620, at the request of Howard County Rotary clubs, awarded a $4,500 grant to fund a Silas Craft Scholarship.  Silas Craft Scholars are recognized for their potential and for financial need.  Between the individual club commitments, the joint pledge resulting in a naming opportunity, and the District grant for Silas Craft, it is easy to see how Rotary is making a major difference at the college and in the community.

As a donor, one of the things I appreciate most is that the college provides opportunities for you to meet scholarship recipients .  Today was the annual Student-Donor luncheon where Donor’s get to meet the terrific students who benefit from our generosity.  I had the opportunity to meet scholarship recipients William Fiege, Kiara James, and Lemea Gabralla today at the luncheon.  Kiara and Lemea are Silas Craft Scholars and I’m pleased to report you would have been as proud as I was today to support such motivated students.  Good luck to all three!

Not done with my “do-gooding” for today.  Tonight is my clubs’ (Columbia-Patuxent) fundraiser, “Night on the Riverboat.”  Too much fun!

From left, William, Ken, Lemea, and Kiara
From left, William, Ken, Lemea, and Kiara

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  1. Ken
    This is a fantastic newsletter!
    It gives us a brief look into what is happening in the District and a guideline for us to research further the article that really catches our imagination.
    Thanks for your work.
    Much appreciated.
    Liz McKibbin

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thanks so much for the kind words. You can find the blog posts by category if you are interested, and you can always check out the archive. Feel free to spread the good word by sending a link to the blog to your friends and Rotary network. It’s nice to get a dialogue going with our Rotary membership around the District.

      Thanks again,

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