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Hi Everyone and welcome to my Ready, Fire, Aim, Rotary blog.  If you are interested in how Rotary District 7620 is “Doing Good in the World,” then this is a good place to visit.  As the current District Governor Nominee, and the current Annual Program Fund Chair, I’m afraid I’ve sipped the Rotary “Kool-Aid” and have managed to get myself involved with a lot of the great things going on in the District.  With a little luck this will become a good place for you to visit to learn a lot about Rotary, and get “fired up” about what we do and how we do it.

The title of my blog, Ready, Fire, Aim, is a not so subtle hint that Rotary is a fantastic way to make a difference – if you have the courage to be an agent for change.  I think Rotarians are a bunch of soft hearted do-gooders trying to make a positive difference in our local community and in the world.  Hopefully this will become a favorite site to learn about those who make the biggest difference by doing first and asking questions later.   District 7620 is full of capable Rotarians who really do make a difference. I hope I do a good job in telling their story.

So I’ll try to keep you current on my Rotary adventure as I matriculate up the District’s Leadership ladder to District Governor in 2015-2016.  In the meantime, I have Peter Kyle, our current DG, and Bill Fine, our DGE, to guide me.  I hope that you find this blog to be entertaining and full of useful information.  If so, I hope you will share the link with others you know.  Thanks!


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