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Five Free Ways to Kick-Off Foundation Month


BCC Foundation Leadership Team
BCC Foundation Leadership Team: George Nash, Barbara Ott, Stuart Schwager, Greg Wims

This week I visited the Bethesda Chevy Chase Club and discussed the District’s strategic goal of having clubs contribute $200 per member to the The Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund.  While raising money for the Foundation is dear to my heart, Foundation Month is coming in November and there are several ways to  increase your club’s Foundation awareness that don’t require asking for a contribution.  Here are five techniques you can use to kick off a great year of Foundation giving next month:

1.  Show the video “This is Rotary” to your club. It’s 4 minutes long and is guaranteed to get everyone excited about Rotary.  You can link to it at :

2.  Have a Foundation minute at the beginning of each meeting next month where someone does a one minute report on TRF activities.

3.  Have a Foundation Advocate visit your club and do a club program about the Foundation.

4.  Consider making di minimis distributions from your annual fundraiser to subsidize your Foundation giving.  The community won’t object to 10% of the proceeds going to “do good in the world.”

5.  Use Paul Harris recognition points during the month as an incentive to give.  Consider a 100 point match for a $200 APF SHARE contribution.  Let members know the matching points are only good during Foundation month.

So there you go….five ideas to kick off Foundation month and they didn’t cost you a dime!

AG Meeting tonight

What a great meeting this evening.  The Area Governors from District 7620 met to get the latest news from the Leadership Team and to discuss some of the most important issues for their Rotary clubs.  On the agenda for the evening?  DG Peter Kyle updated us on club visits and the Foundation Dinner, Membership Chair Darrell Nevin got us fired up with his “Membership Mojo,” Anna-Mae Kobbe educated all about the Paul Harris Society, Larry Leahy reminded us its already time to focus on club awards, and Bill Fine followed up on Pre-PETS training.

The AG’s are the unsung heroes of the District, working closely with clubs as a valuable resource to help them get things done.  They work hard at helping their clubs, and giving up their evening tonight for this session was just another example of the time they gladly devote to help others in Rotary.  It’s my pleasure to work with them as the DGN this year.

If you are a Past Club President and you still want to “give back” to your fellow Rotarians, maybe becoming an AG is a good track for you.

AGs hard at work
AGs hard at work

Welcome to my blog

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Ready, Fire, Aim, Rotary blog.  If you are interested in how Rotary District 7620 is “Doing Good in the World,” then this is a good place to visit.  As the current District Governor Nominee, and the current Annual Program Fund Chair, I’m afraid I’ve sipped the Rotary “Kool-Aid” and have managed to get myself involved with a lot of the great things going on in the District.  With a little luck this will become a good place for you to visit to learn a lot about Rotary, and get “fired up” about what we do and how we do it.

The title of my blog, Ready, Fire, Aim, is a not so subtle hint that Rotary is a fantastic way to make a difference – if you have the courage to be an agent for change.  I think Rotarians are a bunch of soft hearted do-gooders trying to make a positive difference in our local community and in the world.  Hopefully this will become a favorite site to learn about those who make the biggest difference by doing first and asking questions later.   District 7620 is full of capable Rotarians who really do make a difference. I hope I do a good job in telling their story.

So I’ll try to keep you current on my Rotary adventure as I matriculate up the District’s Leadership ladder to District Governor in 2015-2016.  In the meantime, I have Peter Kyle, our current DG, and Bill Fine, our DGE, to guide me.  I hope that you find this blog to be entertaining and full of useful information.  If so, I hope you will share the link with others you know.  Thanks!